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About us

Since its foundation in 1947, Wanzl has become a strong brand bringing ground-breaking innovations to all aspects of convenient shopping and selling.

Products from Wanzl set quality standards for customer across the globe. Wanzl is now one of the international leading partners of global commerce and has long since brought its outstanding MADE BY WANZL quality to new areas of application in other industries.

In the meantime, Wanzl offers over 100,000 products, solutions and innovations in a quality without compromise for the following business areas:

  • Shop Solutions

  • Retail Systems

  • Logistics + Industry

  • Airport

  • Access Solutions

  • Hotel Service

    As an owner-managed, family company in its third generation, with over 4,900 employees, global production sites and sales outlets, our customers benefit from a solid foundation with high flexibility and innovation as well as a corporate policy with long-term focus.

Products and services

For over 40 years, turnstiles, customer guidance systems and barriers have been a focal point of the Wanzl product range.

The innovative, high-quality Wanzl security products are in use in all kinds of critical locations requiring security against unauthorised access while granting unrestricted access to authorised persons.

Galaxy Gate

Galaxy Gate

Fast-opening swivel arms made of ESG-safety glass, combined with a
smart sensor system, ensure immediate and reliable identity checking.
Access authorisation to public areas is reliably controlled and sensitive
areas are effectively protected against intrusion.

Vending Unit V21

Vending Unit V21

Wanzl ticket machines, individuals can pay by self-service or by using their membership card. Alternatively, practical credit top-ups or debits can also be carried out. Wanzl has the perfect solution for every single application.



The Galaxyport Dedicated Access opens in two directions by means of an RFID reader integrated into the glass dome. The integrated sensor system detects which direction the ESG-safety glass swivel arm needs
to open in.

News & Innovations

Galaxy Gate: the gate to the skies 

Outlook: In 2050, gigantic skyscrapers in mega-cities will provide living space, working space and leisure areas for over 70% of the world’s population. In short: a city within a city. The secure, efficient, comfortable transport of people and goods is an infrastructural tour de force. T...| » Further reading 

Galaxy Gate welcomes employees at MAN Diesel & Turbo 

Optimising efficiency is one route to cost-effective productivity; employee motivation is another. This also applies to MAN Diesel & Turbo in Augsburg and the approximately 4,000 employees it has in various areas, who ensure that the business runs properly each and every day. Their working...| » Further reading 

The convenient way to pay 

Banknotes and coins remain an expression of self-control, freedom and security for many Germans. This is proven not least by the heated discussion surrounding an upper limit for cash payments, which many have speculated marks the beginning of the end for cash. Currently, every third person in ...| » Further reading 


Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH
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Andreas Fischer
Head of Sales Access Solutions
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