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HNE Technologie AG (SCS)

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About us

HNE is a leading manufacturer of sophisticated firefighting systems.
Our products have been supplementing the equipment of worldwide fire departments and civil defense forces for more than 23 years.

At our exhibition stand, you will find examples of our product range, multimedia presentations and useful explanations from our experts.
We proudly present...

...our new, unique motorized CAFS system MFU 40-50, a highly efficient and versatile mobile firefighting unit.

...the ultralight portable VARIO 9 and VARIO 13 Carbon in their improved 2019 version.

...and the VPS (Vario protection system), a modular high-pressure fire suppression system for all kinds of mobile or stationary objects like generators, test stands or vehicles.

We are looking forward to meet you at our booth.

Products and services

Extra light portable systems:
The light HiPRESS units are highly effective devices, customized for police and security personnel. Predestined for application at mass events or civil commotion. The perfect means for agile firefighting and self-protection.

Portable systems:
Ranging from 9 to 13-Liter made of steel or CFRP, HNE offers professional firefighters devices with superior performance and versatility.

Mobile systems:
Our high volume units with a capacity of 50 Liters cover large areas in a flexible and reliable way - the perfect substitute for fixed fire suppression systems.

Motorized foam throwers (MFU):
Fully autarkic and powerful, desdigned designed for mounting on light vehicles. Fastest arrival and immediate action at the scene of fire. Availabe in different sizes and with CAFS-foam generation.

Vario Protection System (VPS):
Highly flexible and modular fire suppression systems. Designed to protect vehicles or stationary objects. Tailor made solutions, easy to assemble and retrofit.

HNE Vario Carbon 9

HNE Vario Carbon 9

● less than 20 kg in filled condition
● superior performance
● constant working pressure
● 9 or 13 liters capacity
● up to 21 m jet range
● improved agility

HNE VPS Vario protection system

HNE VPS Vario protection system

The HNE Vario Protection System

Can be installed with little effort. Its modular design allows perfect adaptation to the most diverse requirements.

For rugged enviroment and repeated protection.



Motorized high performance firefighting system, suitable for installation from ATVs to full size fire trucks.Quickly switchable from water or water mist to CAFS-foam. Powerful flow rate and high working pressure for safe fire distance and versatile application. 30 m of fire hose on integrated reel for large scope of action

News & Innovations

Discover our new products:  HNE VARIO Carbon
Portable firefighting-system with backpack. Easier handling, less weight, but more performance than ever. Thanks to CFRP pressure vessels, consistent lightweight construction and 38 bar high-pressure technology, the HNE Carbon series achieves new levels of performance.

HNE VPS Vario protection system
Our modular fire suppression system offers superior performance and flexibility with more capacity for multiple activations per filling. It is effective even in windy conditions. Multiple sensors allow for automated or manual release. Easy installation or retrofitting with autarkic power supply. Fast, cheap and tool-free refilling

MFU 40-50 HiCAFS
Motorized high performance CAFS system, suitable for installation on light trucks or trailers. Quickly switchable from water or mist to CAFS-foam. Mini in size, maxi in power. Powerful flow rate and high working pressure for safe fire distance and versatile application. 30 m of fire hose on integrated reel for large scope of action.


HNE Technologie AG (SCS)
Alter Postweg 96
86159 Augsburg

Phone: +49 821 720 4770
Fax: +49 821 720 4799

Umut Yasar
Head of customer support
Phone: +49 821 720 4770

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