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WinGuard function module

Several interactive control centers offer the possibility to experience the function module “Control Operations” of the PSIM system WinGuard. In particular for coupling fire alarm systems to PSIM platforms, control operations are of special relevance. If fire detectors are not...

Exhibitor: Advancis Middle East GmbH

WinGuard Mobile App

The App for iOS or Android provides clear and compact mobile access to your WinGuard system, including event processing and command & control functionalities. Keep your system under control. Anywhere, anytime!

Exhibitor: Advancis Middle East GmbH

POC - Field Detector - Make RFID fields visible

We're happy to announce that we won the GIT Security Award 2017! We came first in the category Access Control, Intruder Alarm and Perimeter Protection with our POC (Proof Of Communication) device. When installing a UHF long-range identification system the challenge is always to place the...

Exhibitor: deister electronic GmbH

Smart II - Modular key cabinet with up to 32 slots

The proxSafe smart II 3 U is the perfect choice to keep a small number of keys safe and to issue them exclusively to authorised people. Users and keyTags are identified contactlessly; all procedures are logged automatically. It is possible to operate the proxSafe smart II 3 U in conjunction...

Exhibitor: deister electronic GmbH

Digital locking cylinders for a smarter door

The doorLoxx digital locking system makes it significantly easier and cost-effective to change from a conventional master-key locking system with mechanical keys to an electronic access control system. Installation is very straightforward, no doors are damaged. There is no need for...

Exhibitor: deister electronic GmbH

RSA Conference 2018, San Francisco

Like the past two years Detack will again be participating as part of the TeleTrusT German Pavillon at the RSA Conference in San Francisco (April 16th – 20th, 2018). The RSAC is the world’s leading IT Security event with international participation.

Exhibitor: Detack GmbH

FEUMAT® Set V #90112 for Fire Trucks and large appliances

FEUMAT ® extraction and refilling units for die maintenance and servicing of powder containers are characterized by a powerful motorization and creating a vigorous vacuum. Powder and air flow are separated by a reliable filter unit, avoiding an overflowing of the powder volume by air...

Exhibitor: FEUMAT Verwaltungs-GmbH

Mobile Hydrant Testing Unit

HSP-F mobile hydrant testing unit is a flexible and manually operated pump for TESTING of wall hydrants, risers and pressure hoses of the resting flow and pressure. It is especially appropriate for maintenance companies and for the use in higher buildings with several floors. It is easy to be...

Exhibitor: Fritz Emde

Transport trolley for SCBA Cylinders

The EMDE FRAME TROLLEY FOR CYLINDERS, models RGW-15 and RGW-24 are used for the safe transportation of 15 or 24 air cylinders (up to 6 l) for use with breathing apparatus. It is fitted with two steering/braking wheels and two fixed wheels. The wheels have plastic rims and solid rubber tyres to...

Exhibitor: Fritz Emde

The KNÜRR ELICON® VC AND VC-E: Video-surveillance, Trader-desks and Engineering Workstations

Modular Workstation Systems Whether used in video surveillance, on the trading floor, in engineering or in an electronics lab – our comprehensive product range offers optimal solutions for a customized and ergonomic workstation. The modular design enables a wide variety of configurations...

Exhibitor: Knürr GmbH

The KNÜRR ERGOCON® - The Ultimate 24/7 Mission Critical Sit-Stand Console

Benefits: Best ergonomics by multi-dimensional adjustments in three levels (worktop height, monitor level height and viewing distance). Solutions for individual applications and perfect equipment integration by comprehensive range of console models. In combination with Knürr ErgoControl: - smart...

Exhibitor: Knürr GmbH

Avoid address conflicts when installing new machines

All machines are built identical. Internal network range is the same, PLCs, panel, IOs, drives, all are always at the same address in similar machines. Usually, different machines use identical network ranges for their internal network and different components can have the same address on...

Exhibitor: MB connect line GmbH

Secure sensitive network components

Your PC downloads updates and security patches every week, but for devices in production things are sensibly different : an update introduces a change and the impact of a change might be dramatic in a production context. So there is one golden rule in automation (that IT people may have a hard...

Exhibitor: MB connect line GmbH

Easily access devices in an isolated network segment

You isolated the machine internal network, to avoid conflict of addresses with other devices on your factory network, and now you want to access, from the factory network, a component on the machine network. You could use NAT or port forwarding features in the firewall but for some reasons these...

Exhibitor: MB connect line GmbH

Turbo-Lux 3 Fire Pump Testmeters now avaliable on MEPcontent - the largest BIM library for MEP engineers

BIM is transforming the building industry: by collaborating in an intelligent digital 3D model, building partners are optimizing their processes and are reducing failure costs. Engineers can now enrich their MEP designs with BIM-content from MECON. The Turbo-Lux 3 and Mag-flux 4 flow meters are...

Exhibitor: MECON GmbH

The All-in-One Gas Alarm System

The MSC2 (Multi Sensor Controller) from MSR-Electronic raises the bar. Nothing in this world is perfect, but the MSC2 from MSR Electronic is very close. The low-cost device combines gas measurement, warning and controller for continuous monitoring of ambient air to detect toxic and combustible...

Exhibitor: MSR-Electronic GmbH

Innovations in Fire Alarm Systems

Combined Fire-Alarm und extinguishing-panel "Solution F1" and "Solution F2" with VdS approval acc. to EN12094-1 New detectors: Apollo "Soteria" New ESP-detectors with integrated isolator Loop-Multi-criteria detectors with CO-detection

Exhibitor: NSC Sicherheitstechnik GmbH


For November 2017 ProCom announces that the digital call station WPS-04 Ex has been recertified according to new certification standards. That means that the WPS-04 Ex Call Call Station fully complies with the high requirements of the IECEx standards for standards for 2G IIC T4 gas zone 1 and...

Exhibitor: ProCom Professional Communication & Service GmbH

TR.Pro - dispatching made easy and cost efficient

Tassta’s TR.Pro compact dispatcher supports multiple two-way radio vendors and is designed to be used by anyone, without any need for prior training or experience. Today’s two-way radio dispatching software packages are powerful and feature-rich, but this often creates headaches for...

Exhibitor: TASSTA GmbH

Smart Media Bollard

The Tescon Smart Media Bollard (patent pending) combines security and media technology. It`s possible to communicate pictures, videos or visual advertising – online and in real time.

Exhibitor: TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG

Galaxy Gate: the gate to the skies

Outlook: In 2050, gigantic skyscrapers in mega-cities will provide living space, working space and leisure areas for over 70% of the world’s population. In short: a city within a city. The secure, efficient, comfortable transport of people and goods is an infrastructural tour de force....

Exhibitor: Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

Galaxy Gate welcomes employees at MAN Diesel & Turbo

Optimising efficiency is one route to cost-effective productivity; employee motivation is another. This also applies to MAN Diesel & Turbo in Augsburg and the approximately 4,000 employees it has in various areas, who ensure that the business runs properly each and every day. Their working...

Exhibitor: Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

The convenient way to pay

Banknotes and coins remain an expression of self-control, freedom and security for many Germans. This is proven not least by the heated discussion surrounding an upper limit for cash payments, which many have speculated marks the beginning of the end for cash. Currently, every third person in...

Exhibitor: Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

Rescue rams with integrated length marking

The new rams - always see the remaining length! All future rescue rams from WEBER RESCUE will have laser-etching on the piston rod to indicate the rams' remaining extension length. This early warning system enables you to decide right away whether the ram you are currently using is long enough...


Our new anti-slip product for ADIPEC 2017

Safemate Antislip offers a comprehensive range of non slip products including antislip floor and stair treads, non-slip ladder rung covers, antislip coatings and slip resistant floor coverings. Our antislip products can be self installed saving you time and money, not to mention giving you...

Exhibitor: Westrup International e.K.

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