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Smart II - Modular key cabinet with up to 32 slots

The proxSafe smart II 3 U is the perfect choice to keep a small number of keys safe and to issue them exclusively to authorised people. Users and keyTags are identified contactlessly; all procedures are logged automatically.

It is possible to operate the proxSafe smart II 3 U in conjunction with different terminals: C1-C4 can be utilised. The system manages up to 32 keys; to connect to a PC it is equipped with a USB port or, optionally, with an Ethernet connection. Each proxSafe housing is equipped with tamper contacts and 4 relays; these are not only designed to signal different alarms via a network but also locally.

The keyPanels are installed at the place of installation with different slot densities. The size of the memory of the operator terminal facilitates seamless operation, even in the event of a network failure. An installed battery provides power in the event of a power failure to ensure the operational availability of the system at all times. In an emergency it is possible to unlock all of the slots with the aid of a security key.

Exhibitor: deister electronic GmbH

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