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Galaxy Gate: the gate to the skies

Outlook: In 2050, gigantic skyscrapers in mega-cities will provide living space, working space and leisure areas for over 70% of the world’s population. In short: a city within a city.

The secure, efficient, comfortable transport of people and goods is an infrastructural tour de force. The foundations for this achievement are already being laid in the new thyssenkrupp test tower for elevator innovation.

Here, the security, efficiency and comfort are evident as soon as you enter the building: visitors and employees alike are greeted by the Wanzl fully automatic Galaxy Gate access lane.

Be open: arrive and feel welcome

Rising an imposing 246 metres into the sky, the test tower will integrate delicately into the landscape thanks to its futuristic façade in bright, reflective fibreglass materials.

Modern, inviting, friendly – an atmosphere that the elegant Galaxy Gate in the reception area also picks up. “Our test tower is both a centre for science and a tourist attraction. Here, we shape the future and enjoy the present.

That is why we value aesthetics so highly,” explains Beate Höhnle, who is tasked with managing the thyssenkrupp test tower in Rottweil, adding: “The stylish design and high-quality materials of the Galaxy Gate reflect our design concept, which played a very important role in our decision to opt for the Wanzl system.”The stainless steel housing of the Galaxy Gate blends elegantly with the modern ambience of the foyer.

The thyssenkrupp logo gleams in cool blue on the glass elements on the sides. The RFID reader is integrated into the housing and is discreet, flush with the surface and clearly visible. The green, blue or red LED displays in the handrail, and the ESG swivel barriers indicate clearly whether access is authorised.

Dare to admire the view in comfort

“The tower is a trailblazer and a magnet for visitors; a research facility and a tourist destination. Anyone who enters is either looking for the elevator solutions of the future, or the unparalleled 360° panoramic view. Our tower boasts the highest public visitors’ platform in Germany, at a height of 232 metres,” says Höhnle. Whatever the reason for your visit, entry via the Galaxy Gate is both convenient and efficient.

To support this, the flexible keytego system is integrated into the Wanzl Facility Management Control Unit (FMCU), ensuring that various card systems can be used for authentication upon entry. Just pull out your access card and scan for access authorisation.

The networked software checks the information in the system, and the barriers open. Höhnle: “We are expecting large crowds at peak times especially. So it must be possible to admit high numbers for effective, structured operation. Our guests should be able to get to their destinations quickly and comfortably.

”In order to ensure flexibility in terms of tower management and guiding people, and to optimise these activities as required, an automatic visitor counting feature is integrated into the Galaxy Gate system.

Highest security for a flagship project

A point of attraction for tourists, a centre of innovation, a landmark – all high-profile attributes that make the test tower especially worthy of protection.

The entrance area in particular must meet stringent security requirements. “Reliable access control is essential, both from a public and a company perspective. With its sophisticated, cutting-edge technology, the Galaxy Gate guarantees that we can meet the highest security standards," stresses Höhnle. The access lane only opens its software-monitored, electric-motor-driven ESG swivel barriers once the authorised release signal has been issued.

In addition, ceiling-mounted sensors scan people and behavioural patterns, and ensure that the process runs smoothly. In the event of misuse, the access lane issues visual and acoustic warning signals and immediately closes the swivel barriers. This ensures that only authorised individuals are permitted to enter the building. In emergency situations, the fully automatic access system responds beautifully.

The swivel barriers can be pushed up in the event of a power failure or in an emergency, and fire alarm systems are integrated as standard.

Efficiency for progress

The construction of the test tower was, and still is, a mammoth task, involving up to 100 engineers, 15,000 cubic metres of concrete and 2,640 tonnes of steel.

“To complete a project like this, and to ensure that everything goes according to plan, reliable partners are key. Wanzl has really lived up to its good name in this respect,” Höhnle enthuses.

The company is distinguished by its customer-specific solutions. “In particular, the modern, versatile construction system of the Galaxy Gate was very important to our planners, since there was not a lot of space available for the reception area,” explains Höhnle.

Now, accessible entry to the test tower is guaranteed thanks to a double system, consisting of a single and a tandem unit. Wanzl partitions in stainless steel and glass ensure that the entrance area is marked out in style. The gateway to the future is therefore both stylish and secure.

Exhibitor: Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

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