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The convenient way to pay

Banknotes and coins remain an expression of self-control, freedom and security for many Germans. This is proven not least by the heated discussion surrounding an upper limit for cash payments, which many have speculated marks the beginning of the end for cash.

Currently, every third person in Germany prefers to pay with cash. That is, they still prefer to pay with cash, since the trend is moving towards cashless payment, with younger people in particular opting more and more frequently for this method. A number of factors play a role in selecting a payment method; these include the amount to be paid, personal preferences or simply the location in which the payment is made.

Swimming pools, arenas, car parks, canteens, and a great many other public and semi-public facilities are therefore opting for flexible systems that combine both cash and cashless payment capability: automated pay stations.

Thanks to the use of individually configurable equipment modules, Wanzl offers a comprehensive range of cross-industry solutions.

Exhibitor: Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

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