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Easily access devices in an isolated network segment

You isolated the machine internal network, to avoid conflict of addresses with other devices on your factory network, and now you want to access, from the factory network, a component on the machine network. You could use NAT or port forwarding features in the firewall but for some reasons these options are too difficult or simply not possible in your particular context.

How to make a component, on the isolated network segment, accessible from the factory network in an easy way?

mbNETFIX offers simple NAT. With simple NAT, you assign multiple addresses to mbNETFIX WAN port and map those complementary addresses on the WAN port to the address of the relevant devices on the LAN side. This way, when e.g. the scada wants to talk to the machine PLC, it actually talks to a complementary WAN address of the mbNETFIX, who then forwards the communication to the PLC on the LAN side.

For the setup, all you need to do is to fill the mapping table with the WAN address and the LAN address of the machine component, and enable that virtual interface on mbNETFIX WAN port.

Exhibitor: MB connect line GmbH

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