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CAFS - A new dimension in extinguishing power

Universally fillable:

All conventional foam extinguishing agents can be used with the
Jockel CAFS. For example fire brigades can fill the devices with foam
extinguishing agents from their regular stock. There is no need to
acquire new inventory. This saves time and money.
A frost-resistent version of our CAFS is also available on request.

Straightforward refilling:

The external 2 litre 300 bar compressed air cylinder can be used for two cycles of use before it needs to be recharged, which results in a significant time advantage. Afterwards it is possible to refill the compressed air cylinder with air, which is used by every fire brigade.

Impressive discharge range:

With a discharge range of up to 16m, difficult fire sources can be extinguished fast and with the requested safety distance.

Flexible application: Wet or dry foam

While wet foam is normally used during the first firefighting attempt to quickly smother the fire by cooling, the second step involves creating a solid blanket of foam to prevent a re-ignition. Wet and dry foam is needed for this.

The convenient, straightforward and easily adjustable setting enables a perfect and fast reaction to individual circumstances every time. This feature is particularly advantageous for the isolation of explosive goods, or during the decontamination of oil and fuel accidents.

Exhibitor: Feuerschutz Jockel GmbH & Co. KG

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