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FEUMAT® is specialist in automated devices for fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance.

Industrial fire services and fire protection companies worldwide profit from innovating, health protecting and time saving solution systems. Outrageous benefits are quality management and cost saving in both powder and liquid agent’s inspection in routine.

FEUMAT® devices and products offer the following benefit to company, airport and professional fire brigades, serious service partners and fire extinguisher workshops:

  • Time saving in extinguisher's maintenance

  • Economizing energy and personnel costs

  • Simplification of workflow

  • Clean work

  • Healthy work environment

Products and services

At our exhibition stand we offer insight into the practical handling of:

  • Truck Filling unit for DCP powder containers

  • Extraction- and filling devices for dry powder/DCP fire extinguishers

  • Extraction- and filling system for foam/water fire extinguishers

  • Pneumatic nitrogen quick filling adapter

  • CO2 Filling-Unit
FEUMAT® Workplace for Powder Extinguisher Extraxtion and Refilling

Modular fire extinguisher workshop solution with FEUMAT® automated powder extraction and refilling unit, workbench (right) with pneumatic mounting and lifting device, workbench (left) with integrated scale desk - including rail system and clamping devices, scale and storage systems.

FEUMAT® Set V for Fire Trucks and large powder appliances

Semi-Automated Extraction and Refilling system for DCP Powder containers with 250kg capacity and more. For maintenance, internal control and preventative upkeep in large appliances. State-of-the-art solution for powder storage facilities that never were explored before...

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Stork, Markus
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News & Innovations

FEUMAT® Set V Truck Powder Tank Filling System - The World´s First and Only Solution!

The ultimate answer to the technical performance with internal inspection of extinguishing powder tanks.

  • No more bucket filling with high expenditure and no more extreme dust-pollution!

    A thought-out technology for consistent compliance of the manufacturer maintenance prescriptions.

    The only system according to the task description of necessary working processes for inspection.

    Supporting the routine security clearance and correct functional check for truck powder extinguishing systems.

  • Only the closed FEUMAT® system ensures a minimal fine dust pollution and clean work environment in use.

  • Economic efficiency and time saving by consistently high suction power and unique filter technology.

  • Longevity of the components by high-grade material mix (stainless steel containers, aluminium adapters, quality hose connections…)

  • A mobile, compact, rapidly deployable technique (easy setup and disassembling, automatic powder recirculation).

  • Suitable adapter connections for all merchantable container types.

  • Optionally intermediate container sizes for 250 kg, 500 kg, 750 kg…)

    Individually usable for extraction, refilling (container internal inspection), powder disposal and reloading.
    Proven by International Airport and Aviation Brigades.

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