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Server and intelligent features are on board of the camera!
C-VION® is a comprehensive self-sufficient solution built in the camera hardware that has all tools on board for effective performance: neural network analysis, storage management and professional video management solution.

Lean, cost efficient infrastructure!

Only metadata is sent to the server. Due to this fact main servers experience less load as video analysis is done on the edge by C-VION® camera.

Customization for any industry!

Due to reliable architecture camera can be applied in different industries such as heavy industry, retail, banking, medicine and many more. It is possible to build independent IoT system without unified center.

Reliable solution!

As all heavy analytics such as neuro classification are working onboard of the C-VION camera there is no need to use high performance and expensive servers.

Grundig’s C-VION® advantage!

Professional VMS on board, embedded storage system, customizable neuro analytics for client’s needs.

Exhibitor: Grundig Security (Abetechs GmbH)


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