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New VdS-Guidelines:Reliable visual fire detection

Innovative image evaluation algorithms now also make optical fire detection possible – however, there are still no binding standards for ensuring the reliability of these camera systems. // VdS has therefore developed Guidelines for objectively evaluat-ing both the reliability and effectiveness of the technology, available free of charge.

Large dimensioned spaces (such as tunnels or many sales, production and storage areas) as well as the critical environments of the wood, textile or recycling in-dustries are difficult to protect with classic fire detection technology. The development of increasingly precise mathematical algorithms now also enables visual fire monitoring by camera equipment. These systems detect smoke and flames automatically, usually based on visible spectral components and predefined patterns. They thus serve as an important supplement to monitoring by traditional fire detection techniques.

Standards for these new technologies do not yet exist. At the request of its partners, VdS has therefore developed Guidelines for safe optical fire monitoring systems. Manufacturers now receive the extensive VdS support they are accustomed to for their reliable developments – also with regard to disturbance variables such as sinusoidal oscillations or electromagnetic influences as well as fluctuating supply parameters.

Bettina Bormann, responsible for fire detection systems in VdS Product Management, explains: “The new Guidelines were based on a successful innovation test for the Bosch Aviotec. And in the security sector, video-based systems have been in use for some time. So we were able to draw on important practical experience in developing application-specific requirements for supporting the numerous developments in the field of fire protection. The new test procedure makes the reliability of these special systems objectively assessable and thus verifiable”.

The Guidelines VdS 3847, “Video camera equipment for visual fire monitoring”, can be downloaded free of charge from The reliability of such systems is now clearly verifiable internationally with the worldwide accepted VdS-Approval. Often VdS-specifications later form the basis of EU- and other safety standards.

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